Borrow & Return

Would you like to borrow media from us or find out about our holdings?
Here you will find all the information you need at a glance.


  • You need the free app "RUB Bib" and a valid LoginID to borrow items. A library card in the conventional sense is no longer issued. You can log in to the app with your LoginID and the corresponding password. You can generate a barcode in the app, the validity of which is limited to 4 hours. If you do not have a smartphone, you can obtain your barcode at the information/service desk. Please note our service times.

  • As soon as you have your barcode, you can borrow media from our green self-checkout machines during the library's opening hours. You can find the locations of the self-issuing machines in the Digital library guide under the search term "self-service lending system". When borrowing items from the self-issuing machines, you can decide whether you would like to print out a loan receipt or have it sent to you by e-mail. If we borrow items for you at the information/service desk, you will only receive a loan receipt by e-mail.

  • You can view information about loan periods in your library account. Please pay attention to the loan periods of your borrowed media! However, if you forget to do so, we will send you a reminder by e-mail.

  • Most of the media in the University Library and in the IB and IC joint libraries can be borrowed. In addition to this part that can be borrowed, there is also the reference collection. These can only be viewed or scanned on site. Departmental libraries have their own lending conditions. Borrowing is often only possible overnight and over the weekend by prior arrangement.

  • The following items can only be borrowed from the University Library during service hours at the information/service desk:
    • Current editions of legal commentaries
    • Media that have been delivered via interlibrary loan
    • Media that have been suggested for acquisition


If you no longer need the media you have borrowed, you can return them in various ways. When you return the items, they will be charged back to your library account. Please note the following:

  • The app "RUB Bib" and the LoginID are not required for the return.

  • On level 0 of the University Library you will find the "Media Return" room with return machines for returning media during the library's opening hours. There is also an outside return desk on the east side of the University Library. You can find the locations in the digital guidance system under the search term "book return machines". You will receive a return receipt by e-mail.

  • Interlibrary loans and books that are not accepted by the return machine can be returned using the return boxes in the media return room during opening times of the library. Please note that these media will be taken from your account at a later point in time and only then will you receive a return receipt by e-mail. During service hours of the information/service desk, these media can also be returned there.