Interlibrary loan

You can use the interlibrary loan service to order (printed) literature that is not available in the Bochum city area from another library (see Leihverkehrsordnung). Ordered books are delivered to the university library, articles are mostly delivered electronically.

1. Before ordering

  • Before ordering, search the RUB Primo Catalogue to make sure that the media (printed or electronic) are not available on the RUB campus.
  • If the book was published in 1998 or earlier, it is also worth taking a look at the Central Catalogue of Monographs. Numerous departmental libraries list their media there that were published up to 1998.
  • You can search the Bochum Catalogue to find out whether the book you are looking for is available in Bochum.


2. Order

  • Log in to the interlibrary loan portal. You will need your LoginID and the corresponding password.
  • After logging in, decide whether you would like to order a book, a chapter from a book (for copyright reasons, only up to 10% of the work can be supplied as a copy) or an article from a journal.
  • Search for either the title of the book or the journal. Catalogues of numerous German libraries are queried. You can choose what you need from these catalogues.
  • If the search is unsuccessful, you can use the free ordering function for books or journals.


3. Interlibrary loan fee

  • An order (book or article up to 20 pages) costs 1.50 EUR. Depending on the number of pages (20 pages or more), you may incur additional copying costs when ordering an article.
  • After placing your order, your library account will be debited with the interlibrary loan fee of 1.50 EUR. This processing fee is also charged if the order cannot be delivered or the title is no longer required.
  • RUB employees can pay the interlibrary loan fees by transferring them from the budget of their university institution. This target group can obtain TAN (transaction) numbers at the information/service desk.


4. Delivery

  • Unfortunately, no binding information can be given on delivery times. These are merely empirical values: articles are usually delivered within 1 to 5 days. For books, you should expect a maximum delivery time of 14 days.
  • As soon as we receive your order, we will notify you by e-mail.
  • If delivery within Germany is not possible, we may be able to procure the book or article from abroad (see below). You will incur additional costs. Different countries charge different costs for orders.


5. Book lending / loan period / renewal

  • You can collect/view the delivered books at the information/service desk during our service hours.
  • The borrowing conditions are decided by the owning library: you can either borrow the books (usually for 28 days) or you can use them in the reading room at the information/service desk with a deposit (e.g. your student ID).
  • An extension of the lending period is only possible on request. Please send us an e-mail or call us on 0234 32 26461. We will then enquire with the owning interlibrary loan library. If the book is reserved there, an extension is not possible.
  • Articles are mostly delivered electronically. You will receive an e-mail notification with a download link and can retrieve the PDF documents within 30 days via the link.
  • In these exceptional cases, it is necessary to collect a paper copy from the information/service desk:
    • Licence agreements prohibit electronic delivery.
    • The supplying library does not participate in the electronic delivery system.
    • The article is delivered from a foreign library as part of international interlibrary loan.


6. Book return

  • Interlibrary loan books can be returned using the return boxes in the media return room on level 0 during opening hours of the library. Please note that these media will be taken from your account at a later point in time and only then will you receive a return receipt by e-mail.
  • During service hours of the information/service desk, these media can also be returned there. You receive a return receipt by e-mail.



What may not be ordered via interlibrary loan?

Please note that the following media are not supplied via interlibrary loan (see §14 der Leihverkehrsordnung):

  • Media from Bochum libraries
  • Reference collections such as reference works, loose-leaf editions
    Exception: Copies of individual articles (nor more than 10 % of the total work)
  • Complete journal issues and volumes
  • Licensed e-books and extracts from these
  • Newspaper articles
  • University theses such as diploma theses
    Exception: dissertations
  • Patent specifications, standards and technical rules
  • Musical notes
  • Entertainment and hobby literature such as travel guides
  • Works available in bookshops up to a price limit of 15 EUR
  • Works that have not yet been published, acquired or incorporated
  • Archive materials
  • Works published before 1850
  • Works of exceptional format


International interlibrary loan: Orders from abroad

If a medium or a copy of an article is not available via interlibrary loan in Germany, we can make use of international interlibrary loans.

  • The costs for an international interlibrary loan are in many cases significantly higher than for an interlibrary loan from Germany. An approximate price range of 8 to 40 EUR is to be expected.
  • Delivery times depend on the respective library and its location.
  • International orders can only be made by prior arrangement.