Neuerwerbungen - 2022

Lesch, Harald:
Den Klimawandel verstehen : mit Sketchnotes
Signatur: S LES

Lazar, Marian:
Kappa distributions : from observational evidences via controversial predictions to a consistent theory of nonequilibrium plasmas
Signatur: ADF

Krapivsky, Pavel L.:
A kinetic view of statistical physics
Signatur: 5.3 KRA

Beysens, Daniel:
The physics of dew, breath figures and dropwise condensation
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Lambiase, Gaetano:
The interaction of spin with gravity in particle physics : low energy quantum gravity
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Wipf, Andreas:
Statistical approach to quantum field theory : an introduction
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Dall'Agata, Gianguido:
Supergravity : from first principles to modern applications
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Cassing, Wolfgang:
Transport theories for strongly-interacting systems : applications to heavy-ion collisions
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Wolf, Ramona:
Quantum key distribution : an introduction with exercises
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Becattini, Franceso:
Strongly interacting matter under rotation
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Arzano, Michele:
Deformations of spacetime symmetries : gravity, group-valued momenta and non-commutative fields
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Suekane, Fumihiko:
Quantum oscillations : a simple principle underlying important aspects of physics
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Hogan, Peter A.:
Frontiers in general relativity
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Michel, Nicolas:
Gamow shell model : the unified theory of nuclear structure and reactions
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Kenkre, V. M.:
Memory functions, projection operators, and the defect technique : some tools of the trade for the condensed matter physicist
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Ratti, Claudia:
The deconfinement transition of QCD : theory meets experiment
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Erbin, Harold:
String field theory : a modern introduction
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Hebecker, Arthur:
Naturalness, string landscape and multiverse : a modern introduction with exercises
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Reames, Donald V.:
Solar energetic particles : a modern primer on understanding sources, acceleration and propagation
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

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