Service & USE

The library of the faculty of physics and astronomy is a scientific library. It hosts literature relevant for physics and astronomy to support research, teaching and studies and can be used by all members of the RUB and other interested persons.


The library hosts more than 41.858 books and journal volumes. Presently, 27 journals are subscribed and 370 journals are archived. The complete inventory is electronically searchable via the OPAC system.


The faculty library is a reference library. Books can be borrowed to a limited extent by employees and students of the faculty of physics and astronomy.
Beginning with the winter term 2010/2011 the faculty library offers the new service of an electronic loan system.
Students borrow books with their student ID cards, faculty employees need a library pass that can be applied for at the Info-Counter (daily from 8:30-15:00).
Because the library continues to be a reference library with limited loan options, some services, like loan extensions or loan requests, are not available online but must be made use of at the library office or via phone (daily from 8:30-15:00).
In case of an exceeded loan period you will be notified via e-mail.

In order to participate in this new service you must register here for the "physics group".

For further regulations regarding book loans please see the loan rules.

Copying Machine

You will find a copying machine in the faculty library. Upon a deposit (e.g., your library pass or student ID card) you can borrow books and journals for copying purposes. Use of the copying machine requires a "CopyCard" or a student ID card. Information regarding the purchase, balance, and re-charging of a CopyCard are available from the Druckzentrum or at the Infopoints .
Further copying machines are located in room NB 1/118.

Search- and Internet-Access, WLAN

The faculty library has two internet terminals that are reserved for literature searches, and for scientific or study-relevant inquiries. There are seven further PCs that are accessible by those who have a valid S√úDPOL registration. The latter is made available to students and employees of the faculty of physics and astronomy. The contact person is V. Kubiak (NB 7/55, Tel. 2 67 10).

In the library there is also access to the RUB-WLAN .