Neue Bücher der Fakultätsbibliothek vom 31.10.2014

Applebaum, David
Probability on compact Lie groups
Buchholz, Peter ; Kriege, Jan ; Felko, Iryna
Input modeling with phase-type distributions and Markov models : theory and applications
Bushnell, Colin J. ; Henniart, Guy
To an effective local Langlands correspondence
Green, Mark ; Griffiths, Phillip ; Kerr, Matt
Special values of automorphic cohomology classes
Ivanov, Stefan ; Minchev, Ivan ; Vassilev, Dimiter
Quaternionic contact Einstein structures and the quaternionic contact Yamabe problem
Lévy, Paul
Paul Lévy and Maurice Fréchet : 50 years of correspondence in 107 letters. Barbut, Marc ... [ed.]
Murty, Maruti Ram ; Rath, Purusottam
Transcendental numbers
Riehl, Emily
Categorical homotopy theory
Suijlekom, Walter van
Noncommutative geometry and particle physics
Székelyhidi, Gábor
An introduction to extremal Kähler metrics
Weiss, Michael S. ; Williams, Bruce E.
Automorphisms of manifolds and algebraic K-theory ; 3
Yakimov, Milen
On the spectra of quantum groups
Zimmermann, Alexander
Representation theory : a homological algebra point of view

Sachtitel und Kongressberichte

  • Analysis and topology in nonlinear differential equations : a tribute to Bernhard Ruf on the occasion of his 60th birthday ; [IX Workshop on Nonlinear Differential Equations, Joao Pessoa, September 2012]. Ed.: Figueiredo, Djairo Guedes de ...

  • Automorphisms in birational and affine geometry : Levico Terme, Italy, October 2012. Ed.: Cheltsov, Ivan ...

  • Contact and symplectic topology : [proceedings of the conferences Nantes, 2011 and Budapest, 2012]. Ed.: Bourgeois, Frédéric ...

  • Differential characters. Bär, Chrisian ; Becker, Christian

  • Geometry of manifolds with non-negative sectional curvature : [Third Mini-Meeting on Differential Geometry ... December 6 to 17, 2010, Guanajuato, Mexico]. Dearricott, Owen ... Ed.: Herrera, Rafael ...

  • Index theory for locally compact noncommutative geometries. Carey, Alan L. ...

  • Long-memory processes : probabilistic properties and statistical methods. Beran, Jan ...


  • Applebaum, Benny: Cryptography in constant parallel time

  • Fault analysis in cryptography. Ed.: Joye, Marc ...

  • Perspectives in computational complexity : the Somenath Biswas anniversary volume ; [workshop at the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India, 2012]. Ed.: Agrawal, Manindra ...