Neue Bücher der Fakultätsbibliothek vom 22.04.2014

Berhuy, Grégory ; Oggier, Frédérique
An introduction to central simple applications to wireless communication
Chatterjee, Sourav
Superconcentration and related topics
Flores Dorado, J. L. ; Herera, J. ; Sánchez Caja, M.
Gromov, Cauchy and causal boundaries for Riemannian, Finslerian and Lorentzian manifolds
Gallager, Robert G.
Stochastic processes: theory and applications
Garibaldi, Julia ; Iosevich, Alex ; Senger, Steven
The Erdös distance problem
Gatica, Gabriel N.
A simple introduction to the mixed finite element method: theory and applications
Grinstead, Charles M. ; Peterson, William P. ; Snell, J. Laurie
Probability tales
Ibe, Oliver C.
Elements of random walk and diffusion processes
Karpfinger, Christian
Höhere Mathematik in Rezepten: Begriffe, Sätze und zahlreiche Beispiele in kurzen Lerneinheiten
Kopp, Ekkehard ; Malczak, Jan ; Zastawniak, Tomasz
Probability for finance
Kyprianou, Andreas E.
Fluctuations of Lévy processes with applications: introductory lectures. 2. ed.
Lai, Chin-Diew
Generalized Weibull distributions
Lawler, Gregory F.
Random walk and the heat equation
Matousek, Jiri
Thirty-three miniatures: mathematical and algorithmic applications of linear algebra
Meirmanov, Anvarbek
Mathematical models for poroelastic flows
Riechmann, Thomas
Rott, Benjamin
Mathematisches Problemlösen: Ergebnisse einer empirischen Studie
Sauvigny, Friedrich
Analysis: Grundlagen, Differentiation, Integrationstheorie, Differentialgleichungen, Variationsmethoden
Singh, Simon
Homers letzter Satz: die Simpsons und die Mathematik
Veiga, Lourenco Beirao da ; Lipnikov, Konstantin ; Manzini, Gianmarco
The mimetic finite difference method for elliptic problems
Vogt, Markus
Quantenmechanik und Mathematik 1: Normierte Räume, Spektraltheorie

Sachtitel und Kongressberichte

  • Introduction to representation theory. Etinghof, Pavel ...
  • Metric and differential geometry: the Jeff Cheeger anniversary volume. Dai, Xianzhe ... (ed.)
  • Multiple Dirichlet series, L-functions and automorphic forms. Bump, Daniel ... (ed.)
  • Number theory, analysis, and combinatorics: proceedings of the Paul Turán memorial conference held Aug. 22-26, 2011 in Budapest. Ed.: Pintz, János ...
  • Semidefinite optimization and convex algebraic geometry. Blekkerman, Grigoriy ...


Prömel, Hans Jürgen
Ramsey theory for discrete structures
Number theory and cryptography: Papers in honor of Johannses Buchmann on the occasion of his 60th birthday. Fischlin, Marc ... (ed.)


  • Mit Werkzeugen Mathematik und Stochastik lernen: using tools for learning mathematics and statistics. Wassong, Thomas ... (Hrsg.)
  • Erfolgreiche Unterrichtsentwürfe 2: Mathematik.. Engel, Manfred (Hrsg.)