Neue Bücher der Fakultätsbibliothek vom 14.07.2014

Abdel-Hameed, Mohamed
Lévy processes and their applications in reliability and storage
Ahmed, Syed E.
Penalty, shrinkage and pretest strategies : variable selection and estimation
Bleher, Pavel ; Liechty, Karl
Random matrices and the six-vertex model
Brucker, Peter ; Knust, Sigrid
Complex scheduling. 2. ed., reprint
Byrne, Charles L.
Iterative optimization in inverse problems
Douc, Randal ; Moulines, Eric ; Stoffer, David S.
Nonlinear time series : theory, methods, and applications with R examples
Hackbusch, Wolfgang
The concept of stability in numerical mathematics
Höpfner, Reinhard
Asymptotic statistics : with a view to stochastic processes
Hogg, Robert V. ; McKean, Joseph W. ; Craig, Allen T.
Introduction to mathematical statistics. 7. ed, internat. ed.
Leadbetter, Ross ; Cambanis, Stamatis ; Pipiras, Vladas
A basic course in measure and probability : theory for applications
Longford, Nicholas T.
Missing data and small-area estimation : modern analytic equipment for the survey statistician. Reprint
Nesterov, Jurij A.
Introductory lectures on convex optimization : a basic course
Panik, Michael J.
Growth curve modeling : theory and applications
Talagrand, Michel
Upper and lower bounds for stochastic processes : modern methods and classical problems
Yen, Ju-Yi ; Yor, Marc
Local times and excursion theory for Brownian motion : a tale of Wiener and Itô measures

Sachtitel und Kongressberichte

  • Handbook of graph theory. Ed.: Gross, Jonathan L. ... - 2. ed.

  • Handbook of volatility models and their applications. Ed.: Bauwens, Luc ...

  • Kumagai, Takashi: Random walks on disordered media and their scaling limits. Ecole d'Eté de Probabilités de Saint-Flour 40, 2010

  • Orthogonal families and semigroups in analysis and probability : [CIMPA-UNESCO Workshop, Mérida, Venezuela, 2006]. Ed.: Graczyk, Piotr ...

  • Self-similar processes and their applications : [Angers, 20th - 24th July 2009]. Ed.: Chaumont, Loïc ...


  • Brunner, Esther: Mathematisches Argumentieren, Begründen und Beweisen : Grundlagen, Befunde und Konzepte

  • Leibniz in der Schule : Materialien für den Unterricht ; 3: Mathematik, Musik. Hrsg.: Antoine, Annette ...

  • Linde, Werner: Stochastik für das Lehramt. Nachdruck

  • Neidhardt, Werner ; Rauch, Ullrich: Warum ist minus mal minus plus? : Wieso Schüler immer die gleichen Fehler machen - und wie man sie vermeiden kann