Neue Bücher der Fakultätsbibliothek vom 18.08.2014

Branner, Bodil ; Fagella, Núria
Quasiconformal surgery in holomorphic dynamics
Bray, John N. ; Holt, Derek F. ; Roney-Dougal, Colva M.
The maximal subgroups of the low-dimensional finite classical groups
Cecherini-Silberstein, Tullio ; Scarabotti, Fabio ; Tolli, Filippo
Representation theory and harmonic analysis of wreath products of finite groups
Chai, Ching-Li ; Conrad, Brian ; Oort, Frans
Complex multiplication and lifting problems
De Silva, Vin : Robbin, Joel W. ; Salamon, Dietmar A.
Combinatorial Floer homology
Dudley, Richard M.
Uniform central limit theorem. 2. ed.
Frankenhuiysen, Machiel van
The Riemann hypothesis for function fields : Frobenius flow and shift operators
Friedman, Sy-David ; Hyttinen, Tapani ; Kulikov, Vadim
Generalized descriptive set theory and classification theory
Jarvis, Frazer
Algebraic number theory
Knebusch, Manfred ; Kaiser, Tobias
Manis valuations and Prüfer extensions ; 2
Monk, James Donald
Cardinal invariants on Boolean algebras. 2., rev. ed.
Persson, Lars-Erik ; Popa, Nicolae
Matrix spaces and Schur multipliers : matriceal harmonic analysis
Rubei, Elena
Algebraic geometry : a concise dictionary
Rumely, Robert
Capacity theory with local rationality : the strong Fekete-Szegö theorem on curves
Totaro, Burt
Group cohomology and algebraic cycles

Sachtitel und Kongressberichte

  • The Abel prize ; 2008 - 2012

  • Alan Turing : his work and impact. Ed.: Cooper, Stuar B. ...

  • Cohomology for quantum groups via the geometry of the nullcone. Bendel, Christopher B. ...

  • Combinatorial algebraic geometry : Levico Terme, Italy 2013. Conca, Aldo ... Ed.: Di Rocco, Sandra ...

  • Geometry of isotropic convex bodies. Brazitikos, Silouanos ...

  • Groups of exceptional type, Coxeter groups and related geometries. Ed.: Narasimha Sastry, N. S.

  • k-Schur functions and affine Schubert calculus. Lam, Thomas ...


Shalev-Shwartz, Shai ; Ben-David, Shai
Understanding machine learning: from theory to algorithms