Neue Bücher der Fakultätsbibliothek vom 02.02.2015

Bejenaru, Ioan ; Tataru, Daniel
Near soliton evolution for equivariant Schrödinger maps in two spatial dimensions
Blei, Ron
The Grothendieck inequality revisited
Boylan, Hatice
Jacobi forms, finite quadratic modules and Weil representations over number fields
Bresar, Matej
Introduction to noncommutative algebra
Byeon, Jaeyoung ; Tanaka, Kazunaga
Semiclassical standing waves with clustering peaks for nonlinear Schrödinger equations
Cardin, Franco
Elementary symplectic topology and mechanics
Cirstea, Florica C.
A complete classification of the isolated singularities for nonlinear elliptic equations with inverse square potentials
Conforti, Michele ; Cornuéjols, Gérard ; Zambelli, Giacomo
Integer programming
Diacu, Florin
Relative equilibria in the 3-dimensional curved n-body problem
Ferreira, David dos Santos ; Staubach, Wolfgang
Global and local regularity of Fourier integral operators on weighted and unweighted spaces
Groeneboom, Piet ; Jongbloed, Geurt
Nonparametric estimation under shape constraints : estimators, algorithms and asymptotics
Herron, Isom H. ; Foster, Michael R.
Partial differential equations in fluid dynamics
Hoffstein, Jeffrey ; Pipher, Jill ; Silverman, Joseph H.
An introduction to mathematical cryptography. 2. ed.
Kirsch, Andreas ; Hettlich, Frank
The mathematical theory of time-harmonic Maxwell's equations : expansion-, integral-, and variational methods
Koba, Hajime
Nonlinear stability of Ekman boundary layers in rotating stratified fluids
Liebscher, Stefan
Bifurcation without parameters
Lovász, László ; Plummer, Michael D.
Matching theory
Milnor, John
Collected papers of John Milnor ; 7: Dynamical systems (1984 - 2012). Ed.: Bonifant, Araceli
Peláez, José Ángel ; Rättyä, Jouni
Weighted Bergman spaces induced by rapidly increasing weights
Pöschel, Jürgen
Noch mehr Analysis : mehrdimensionale Integration, Fouriertheorie, Funktionentheorie
Sambale, Benjamin
Blocks of finite groups and their invariants
Schnalzger, Emanuel
Lineare Optimierung mit dem Schatteneckenalgorithmus im Kontext probabilistischer Analysen : Untersuchungen zum Übergang von der Phase 1 auf die Phase 2 in der Average-Case-Analyse und der Glättungsanalyse des Simplexverfahrens
Semrl, Peter
The optimal version of Hua's fundamental theorem of geometry of rectangular matrices
Totik, Vilmos
Polynomial approximation on polytopes
Weiß, Christian
Twisted Teichmüller curves

Sachtitel und Kongressberichte

  • Berkovich spaces and applications. Ed.: Ducros, Antoine ...

  • The elementary theory of groups : a guide through the proofs of the Tarski conjectures. Fine, Benjamin ...

  • Estimation for discretely observed Lévy processes. Belomestny, Denis ... (Lévy matters ; 4)

  • Evolutionary equations with applications in natural sciences : [lectures presented at the 2013 CIMPA-UNESCO-South Africa School Evolutionary Equations with Applications in Natural Sciences ..., Muizenberg (Cape Town), South Africa, from 22nd July to 2nd August 2013]. Ed.: Banasiak, Jacek ...

  • Geometric invariant theory for polarized curves. Bini, Gilberto ...

  • Iwasawa Theory 2012 : state of the art and recent advances ; [the Iwasawa 2012 Conference ... took place in Heidelberg (July 30 - August 3)]. Ed.: Bouganis, Thanasis ...

  • A power law of order 1/4 for critical mean field Swendsen-Wang dynamics. Long, Yun ...