Opening hours Monday to Saturday (including)
08.00 - 22:00 h
Opening hours of historical archive Monday to Friday
8.00 - 15.00 h
Allocation of keys for the lockers Monday to Saturday (including)
8.00 - 21.50 h
Loan 18.00 - 21.40 h ends with a buzz
Authorized for loan Members of the Faculty of Law
Duration of loan Overnight and over the weekend
Exceptions Exceptions, e.g. holidays, will be announced by notices in the entrance area of the ZRS and on this website.

The employees will begin to shut down the computers and copiers every day at 21.40 h.

Please be adviced that the lights of the car park will be turned off at 22.00 h.

Please also note that on Saturdays the availability of the caretaker is limited, the bathroom lights will be switched off earlier and the heaters are set to night mode. The entrance doors to the GC building may be locked from Saturday afternoon, so that they can only be opened for you from the inside. In this case, please call the ZRS- reception desk (Telephone: 0234-32-24504).