Neuerwerbungen - IV. Quartal 2015

Guptā, Veda Prakāśa:
The functional analysis of quantum information theory : a collection of notes based on lectures by Gilles Pisier, K. R. Parthasarathy, Vern Paulsen and Andreas Winter
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Bauer, Gottfried H.:
Photovoltaic solar energy conversion
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Field, Robert W.:
Spectra and dynamics of small molecules : Alexander von Humboldt Lectures
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Becher, Thomas:
Introduction to soft-collinear effective theory
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Blanchard, Philippe:
The message of quantum science : attempts towards a Synthesis
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Feranchuk, Ilya:
Non-perturbative description of quantum Systems
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Padmanabhan, Thanu:
Sleeping beauties in theoretical physics : 26 surprising insights
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Pfister, Herbert:
Inertia and gravitation : the fundamental nature and structure of space-time
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Suekane, Fumihiko:
Neutrino oscillations : a practical guide to basics and applications
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Draine, Bruce T.:
Physics of the interstellar and intergalactic medium
Signatur: LL DRA

Mandl, Franz:
Quantum field theory
Signatur: LL MAN

Lancaster, Tom:
Quantum field theory for the gifted amateur
Signatur: LL LAN

Beresteckij, Vladimir B.:
Lehrbuch der theoretischen Physik
Bd. 4: Quantenelektrodynamik
Signatur: LL LAN

Bruus, Henrik:
Many body quantum theory in condensed matter physics : an introduction
Signatur: L BRU

Thorne, Kip S.:
The science of interstellar
Signatur: S THO

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