Neuerwerbungen - I. Quartal 2014

Böttcher, Markus [Hrsg.]:
Relativistic jets from active galactic nuclei
Signatur: 6.1 REL

Nurushev, Sandibek B.:
Introduction to polarization physics
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Hayes, Wallace D.:
Hypersonic inviscid flow
Signatur: 5.1 HAY

Lischner, Ray:
Exploring C++ 11 : problems and solutions hadbbook ; [learn C++ with practical hands-on exercises]
Signatur: 5.18 LIS

Balogh, André:
Physics of collisionless shocks : space plasma shock waves
Signatur: 6.1 BAL

Heber, Bernd [Hrsg.]:
Cosmic rays in the heliosphere : temperal and spa-tial variations
Signatur: 6.1 COS

Fleck, Bernhard [Hrsg.]:
The first results from SOHO
Signatur: 6.1 FIR

Belmont, Gérard:
Collisionless plasmas in astrophysics
Signatur: 6.1 BEL

Narita, Yasuhito:
Plasma turbulence in the Solar System
Signatur: 6.1 NAR

Bakunin, Oleg G.:
Turbulence and diffusion : scaling versus equations
Signatur: 5.3 BAK

Toptygin, I. N.:
Foundations of classical and quantum electrodynamics
Signatur: L TOP ; L TOP -p

Bethge, Klaus:
Kernphysik : eine Einführung ; [für Bachelor-Studium geeignet]
Signatur: L BET ; L BET -p

Učajkin, Vladimir V.:
Fractional kinetics in solids : anomalous charge transport in semiconductors, dielectrics and nanosystems
Signatur: 5.14 UCH

Sundermeyer, Kurt:
Symmetries in fundamental physics
Signatur: 4.5 SUN

Ben-Dôr, Gabbî:
Shock wave reflection phenomena
Signatur: 5.11 BEN

Shifman, Mikhail [Hrsg.]:
Under the spell of Landau : when theoretical physics was shaping destinies
Signatur: S UND

Lim, Yung-Kuo [Hrsg.]:
Problems and solutions on quantum mechanics
Signatur: 5.7 PRO

Henley, Ernest M.:
100 Years of subatomic physics
Signatur: S HEN

Friedrich, Harald:
Scattering theory
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Geru, Ion:
Resonance effects of excitons and electrons : basics and applications
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Sanz, A. S.:
A trajectory description of quantum processes
Bd. 2: Applications : a Bohmian perspective
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Ghisellini, Gabriele:
Radiative processes in high energy astrophysics
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Greiner, Walter:
Quantum electrodynamics : with 58 worked examples and exercises
Signatur: L GRE ; L GRE -p

Greiner, Walter:
Quantum chromodynamics : with 66 worked examples and exercises
Signatur: L GRE ; L GRE -p,

Klauber, Robert D.:
Student friendly quantum field theory : basic princi-ples and quantum eletrodynamics
Signatur: L KLA ; L KLA -p,

Goldhorn, Karlheinz:
Moderne mathematische Methoden der Physik
Bd. 1
Signatur: L GOL ; L GOL -p,

Goldhorn, Karlheinz:
Moderne mathematische Methoden der Physik
Bd. 2: Operator- und Spektraltheorie - Gruppen und Darstellungen
Signatur: L GOL ; L GOL -p,

Goldhorn, Karlheinz:
Mathematik für Physiker
Bd. 2: Funktionentheorie, Dynamik, Mannigfaltigkeiten, Variationsrechnung
Signatur: L GOL ; L GOL -p,

Böhm, Manfred:
Lie-Gruppen und Lie-Algebren in der Physik : eine Einführung in die mathematischen Grundlagen
Signatur: L BÖH ; L BÖH -p,

Rebhan, Eckhard:
Theoretische Physik
Bd. [4] Relativistische Quantenmechanik, Quanten-feldtheorie und Elementarteilchentheorie
Signatur: L REB ; L REB -p,

Schwindt, Jan-Markus:
Tutorium Quantenmechanik : von einem erfahrenen Tutor für Physik- und Mathematikstudenten
Signatur: L SCHW ; L SCHW -p

Vekstein, Gregory:
Physics of continuous media : problems and solutions in electromagnetism, fluid mechanics and MHD
Signatur: 5.11 VEK

Strocchi, Franco:
An introduction to non-perturbative foundations of quantum field theory
Signatur: 5.8 STR

Rezzolla, Luciano:
Relativistic hydrodynamics
Signatur: 5.1 REZ

Galickij, Viktor Michajlovič:
Exploring quantum mechanics : a collection of 700+ solved problems for students, lecturers, and research-ers
Signatur: 5.7 GAL

Balescu, Radu:
Aspects of anomalous transport in plasmas
Signatur: 5.11 BAL

Kharzeev, Dmitri [Hrsg.]:
Strongly interacting matter in magnetic fields
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Faccio, Daniele [Hrsg.]:
Analogue gravity phenomenology : analogue space-times and horizons, from theory to experiment
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Flori, Cecilia:
A first course in topos quantum theory
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Balzer, Karsten:
Nonequilibrium Green’s Functions approach to inho-mogeneous systems
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Möhl, Dieter:
Stochastic cooling of particle beams
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Goupil, Mariejo [Hrsg.]:
Studying stellar rotation and convection : theoretical background and seismic diagnostics
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Wipf, Andreas:
Statistical approach to quantum field theory : an in-troduction
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Calcagni, Gianluca:
Quantum gravity and quantum cosmology
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Suzuki, Sei:
Quantum ising phases and transitions in tranverse ising models
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Bartelmann, Matthias:
Theoretical astrophysics : an introduction
Signatur: L BAR

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