Neuerwerbungen - 2021

Tesfa, Sintayehu:
Quantum optical processes : from basics to applications
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Meneghetti, Massimo:
Introduction to gravitational lensing : with python examples
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Weigert, Alfred:
Astronomie und Astrophysik : ein Grundkurs
Signatur: LL WEI

Knox, Eleanor [Herausgeber]:
The Routledge companion to philosophy of physics
Signatur: S ROU

Kruit, Pieter C. van der:
Master of galactic astronomy : A biography of Jan Hendrik Oort
Signatur: S KRU

Kruit, Pieter C. van der:
Pioneer of Galactic Astronomy : A Biography of Jacobus C. Kapteyn
Signatur: S KRU

Schmied, Roman:
Using mathematica for quantum mechanics : a student's manual
Signatur: L SCH

Kosovichev, Alexander G.:
Solar and stellar magnetic fields : Origins and manifestations
Signatur: 6.1 SOL

Prunty, Seán:
Introduction to simple shock waves in air : with numerical solutions using artificial viscosity
Signatur: 5.1 PRU

Šurjak, Ėdvard V.:
Nonperturbative topological phenomena in QCD and related theories
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Williams, Jonathan P.:
Introduction to the interstellar medium
Signatur: 6.1 WIL

José, Jordi:
Stellar explosions : hydrodynamics and nucleosyn-thesis
Signatur: 6.1 JOS

Lyth, David H.:
Cosmology for physicists
Signatur: 6.1 LYT

Boerner, Herbert:
Ball lightning : a popular guide to a longstanding mystery in atmospheric electricity
Signatur: S BOE

Cacciatori, Sergio L. [Herausgeber]:
Einstein equations: physical and mathematical aspects of general relativity
Signatur: 5.6 EIN

Sokolsky, Pierre:
Introduction to ultrahigh energy cosmic ray physics
Signatur: 6.1 SOK

Thompson, Laird A.:
The discovery of cosmic voids
Signatur: S THO

Cabibbo, Nicola:
An introduction to gauge theories
Signatur: 5.8 CAB

Di Matteo, Tiziana:
Black hole formation and growth : Saas-Fee Advances Course 48 : Swiss Society for Astrophysics and Astronomy
Signatur: 6.1 DIM

De Angelis, Alessandro:
Introduction to particle and astroparticle physics : multimessenger astronomy and its particle physics foundations
Signatur: L DEA

Feng, Xueshan:
Magnetohydrodynamic modeling of the solar corona and heliospherea
Signatur: 6.1 FEN

Choi, Kang-Sin:
Quarks and leptons from orbifolded superstring
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

Doubek, Martin:
Algebraic structure of string field theory
Signatur: 2.3 LEC

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