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Information and Help


Enquiry desk

The enquiry desk is located at the rear end of the central service counter.

Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 18.00 experienced library staff provides instant assistance

  • with using our web catalogues and locating literature in other libraries at Bochum
  • with checking your library record
  • with searching the internet
  • with finding subject-specific material
  • with obtaining literature from other libraries or document suppliers

If you need help after 18.00 please speak to the staff at the issue desk or submit your request via our web form.

Saturday Service


Telephone enquiries

++49-(0)234-32-22788/-26929  (Monday - Friday 8.00 to 18.00)


How to obtain literature from other libraries and document suppliers

Inter-library loan services within Germany

Do you need basic information about inter-library loan services? Did you have a problem when ordering? Ask the librarians at the enquiry desk or read our short introduction Inter-library loan requests - step by step.

You can also make an appointment to discuss your specific questions in depth. Please call Ms Zehner (Tel 0234-32-26461) or send an e-mail to ub-information (at) ruhr-uni-bochum.de.

If you are starting to write your thesis or if you are planning a research project, you might have to order a greater amount of material. In this case we recommend that you contact us beforehand. We will give you advice on how to make your way from citation to ordering most efficiently.

International loan services

If a publication is not obtainable from German libraries we can try to get it from abroad via international loan services. For details speak to the staff at the main service counter on the ground floor.

Document delivery

Document delivery [German only] is the alternative means for obtaining literature. You search for a publication in the supplier's database(s) and place your order on-line. Depending on the supplier you can choose from different payment and delivery options, including delivery direct to your desktop.

If you need basic information about document delivery or if you were not able to order a document, ask the librarians at the enquiry desk.