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Regulations for the submission of deposit copies as digital version


Conditions for the acceptance in digital form

The doctoral or habilitation regulations of your faculty specify the requirements for digital publication.
(All doctorate regulations)

Please inform yourself in advance about the number of mandatory copies to be submitted.

Make sure that you have not violated any third-party rights in your work. This applies in particular to the image rights to photos and graphics used, as well as the copyright to essays included in cumulative papers.


Guidelines of the University Library

The University Library requires the following documents for the compulsory delivery of your dissertation / habilitation:

Required meta-data:

The typed and hand-signed declaration (German; English)
If delivered via upload or email, the declaration is required as a file.
Subject headings
For further subject indexing we ask for at least 5 German subject headings.

Help in allocating subject headings


Required files:

Dissertation / Habilitation
Completely approved examination version of the dissertation / habilitation as 1 PDF file without password protection (max. file size 50 MB). All images, tables and attachments must be integrated into the file. During the conversion it is mandatory to include all used fonts in the PDF document.
If the PDF file is too large after conversion, please contact us.
Note: This file should also serve as the basis for the print copies to be produced.
Note: If the dissertation contains a curriculum vitae or if this must be included according to the doctoral regulations, we recommend limiting the information in the curriculum vitae to that which is prescribed. In particular, personal contact details should be removed.
Abstract in German language with a maximum of 1000 characters including spaces in (doc(x) or txt format). Additionally, an abstract in other languages is possible, each as a separate file.
Please use the counting function in Microsoft Word ("characters with spaces"). Only continuous text is required. The abstracts (unchanged) and the table of contents available in the dissertation (habilitation) will be extracted by us and made available for download in addition to the complete text of the dissertation / habilitation.

Help on data formats


Optional metadata

Publication e-mail address
If you want to give the reader of your dissertation (habilitation) the possibility to contact you, we will gladly publish your e-mail address.
Please add the publication permission to the delivery: E-publication permission [German only]
Granting a Creative Commons (CC) license
With Creative Commons (CC) licenses, authors grant the public rights to use their works. The licenses consist of several components and can be adapted to your own needs according to the modular principle.
Further information and help: https://www.ruhr-uni-bochum.de/oa/licenses.html.de

Delivery of the electronic version

Delivery by uploading via the document repository (OPUS), as well as delivery by e-mail have not yet been approved by all deaneries. Please check with the responsible dean's office before choosing one of these delivery options.

When submitting by upload or by email, the missing print copies as well as the original of the "Declaration of the Doctoral Candidate on the Publication of a Digital Dissertation (Habilitation) at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum" with the original signature must be sent to the Exchange and University Publication Office without being requested and promptly (but within 14 days at the latest).

Postal and letter address


Submission by uploading the required files via the document repository (OPUS)

The doctoral candidate uploads his/her dissertation / habilitation and the other required files via the upload function into the document repository (OPUS).

  • https://hss-opus.ub.ruhr-uni-bochum.de/opus4/home
  • During the upload process, the following information is requested: title of the dissertation, faculty, reviewer or referee and co-referee, date of the oral examination
    Help for uploading

  • Important

    Please be sure to read the Help for uploading before uploading so that the upload process can be completed without interruption.
    Please upload all required files at the beginning of the form. After saving the form, your session in the document repository is finished. No more files can be added afterwards. If a file still needs to be added, please send it as a file attachment by e-mail to theses-ub (at) rub.de.


    Submitting the required files by e-mail

    The required files will be attached to an e-mail to theses-ub (at) rub.de.


    Submission on CD-ROM

    The required files will be burned onto the CD-ROM.

    Commercially available hard plastic case (size: approx. 12 x 14 cm)
    First and last name, date of oral examination, faculty
    Please do not use stickers, but write this information on the top of the CD-ROM with a suitable pen in block letters.


    Printed copies, declaration
    In addition, print copies in the number specified by the respective doctoral regulations and the "Declaration of the doctoral candidate on the publication of a digital dissertation (habilitation) at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum".


    Submission to the exchange and university publication office

    With this checklist you can make sure that you have fulfilled all requirements for the submission of the dissertation or thesis in digital form.

    At the moment it is not possible to hand in the exchange and university publication office!

    The submission of dissertations and habilitations takes place in the Exchange and University Writing Office on the 5th floor in room 5/16.
    Opening hours


    Delivery by mail to the university library

    mail and letter address


    Advice and questions

    Detailed information on general questions and submission formalities can be obtained from:
    Mrs. Nicole Ihme
    E-Mail: theses-ub (at) rub.de
    Tel.: 0234-32-23502 (from abroad: 49-234-32-23502)

    For data-related questions regarding digital dissertations, please contact: Mrs S. van Beek
    E-Mail: silvia.vanbeek (at) rub.de
    Tel.: 0234-32-22258 (from abroad: 49-234-32-22258)