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Die Schönheit Makedoniens - Fotoarbeiten von Dejan Krajčevski

Termine und Programm

Beginn: 1.9.2014
Ort: Zentrales Treppenhaus der Universitätsbibliothek
Dauer: 1.9. - 10.10.2014
Eintritt ist frei

Gisela Ogasa, Universitätsbibliothek, Tel. 0234 - 322 7354

Anschrift / Anfahrt

Zur Ausstellung

Die Universitätsbibliothek Bochum zeigt im September/Oktober Landschafts-Fotografien aus Makedonien von Dejan Krajčevski.

The Beauty of Macedonia (Zdravka Pejova)
With this exhibition of photographs we would like to bring closer some of the natural beauties and cultural heritage of the Republic of Macedonia, a small landlocked country in the South of Europe.
Despite Macedonia’s extraordinarily complex and troubled history, which significantly affects its present and despite its continuous struggling with severe political, economic and social problems, it has managed to preserve its uniqueness in ethnic distinctiveness, tradition and culture.
Macedonia is known for its outstanding mountainous countryside, natural tectonic and glacial lakes, many artificial lakes, rivers, old picturesque villages.
Also, Macedonia is a real treasure of cultural heritage from the Paleolithic age to the present. It abounds in archaeological sites - temples, basilicas, amphitheaters, baths, mosaics, sculptures of ancient times and early Christianity; fortresses, churches, monasteries and ottoman mosques, fresco paintings and invaluable icons of the medieval period - most of which are of great artisitc significance.
Parallel to the richness of the ancient and medieval cultural heritage Macedonia is proud of the continuous flourishing of contemporary cultural achievements in music, painting, sculpture, literature, film.
Film art has been very much cherished in Macedonia. One of the reasons for the enthusiasm of film art is the long history of more than 110 years of film art in Macedonia. The brothers Janaki and Milton Manaki from Bitola shot their first film in 1895.)
Out of many thousands photographs of Macedonia, in this exhibition we are presenting a selection. Most photographs were taken by Dejan Krajčevski on his scouting tours for selecting locations for film settings.
“When scouting in search for film locations I could not help admiring and even getting emotional about the interesting objects and scenery vistas of my country. Often being all alone and in rarely visited locations, many times I have been overwhelmed by what I saw. When taking photos I tried to capture what seemed to me the moment of uniqueness” says Dejan Krajčevski.

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