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Fachinformation Altertumswissenschaften - Virtuell


Allgemeines, Übergreifende Linksammlungen

  • Linksammlung zur Klassischen Philologie / Umfangreiche Zusammenstellung der Bibliothek der Fakultät für Philologie der RUB
  • InformationsWeiser Geschichte
    Seit 1998 ist in Göttingen der History Guide , ein metadaten-gestützter Führer zu Informationsressourcen im WWW primär für den Bereich der anglo-amerikanischen Geschichte (Großbritannien, Irland, Kanada, USA, Australien und Neuseeland) im Internet frei zugänglich. In der Bayerischen Staatsbibliothek wird seit 2001 der InformationsWeiser Geschichte, eine Datenbank zu Webressourcen der Münchener Sondersammelgebiete (Geschichte Allgemeines, Vor- und Frühgeschichte, Klassische Altertumswissenschaft einschl. Alte Geschichte, Geschichte Deutschlands, Österreichs und der Schweiz, Geschichte Frankreichs und Italiens) neu aufgebaut.  Die analog konzipierten Göttinger und Münchener Datenbanken sind nun dem Benutzer in einer ersten Testversion zur gemeinsamen Suche zugänglich.

Griechisches und römisches Altertum insgesamt

  • Altertumswissenschaft im Internet Linksammlung der Bibliothek der Univ. Konstanz
  • Digital Librarian: Classics and Ancient World / Margaret Vail Anderson
  • Hellenic Culture  This searchable site looks at the heritage of Greek culture, "the millennia of artistry, the centuries of outstanding art, the achievements of the human spirit." Included are museums, monuments, and archaeological sites; modern cultural creations including literature and books, music, theater, dance, cinema, plastic arts, and photography; a list of cultural organizations with links to their pages; and a searchable list of cultural events. Selected cultural events is an archive of previous events mounted online; special issues has a history of the Olympic Games and more. The site is also available in Greek.
  • Perseus Project The Perseus Project is an evolving digital library of resources for the study of the ancient world and beyond.

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Griechische Geschichte

  • Greeks, The Crucible of Civilization
    "This superb companion site to the PBS special of the same name that previewed in late February offers a wealth of information and interactive elements for learning about Ancient Athens. The site centers around in-depth examinations of five key Greeks: Cleisthenes, the founder of democracy in Athens; Themistocles, the creator of the Greek navy; Pericles, Athens's most famous ruler; Aspasia, "the 'first lady' of Athens"; and of course, Socrates. The narratives are supplemented by video clips from the broadcast that can last as long as five minutes but download quickly and easily. In addition, an expandable timeline offers descriptions of a millennium's worth of key events in the history of Ancient Greece. The site's more innovative interactive elements include a map that lets the user choose to zoom in on different portions and structures in ancient Athens and learn more about their role in Athenian life as well as an interactive keyboard that lets users see and hear the ancient Greek alphabet and compare it to modern English equivalents. Most impressive are the real time Webcam of the Acropolis, a detailed 3-D animation of the Parthenon and entire Acropolis as it was in the glory of Classical Greece, and a substantial videoclip showing and discussing the Parthenon in particular. Finally, the site offers educational materials in the form of lesson plans geared to major figures and events." (ScoutReport)
  • House of Ptolemy The House of Ptolemy web site concentrates on the Ptolemies and their world, from 331 - 30 BCE.

Römische Geschichte

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Spätantike, Mittelalter - Mediävistik



  • AERIA: (Antikensammlung ERlangen Internet Archive)
  • Ancient Egypt -- The British Museum
    "Drawing on its superb collection of materials from archaeological excavations, the British Museum presents this extensive learning resource on Ancient Egypt. The site features texts, images, and interactive elements detailing Egyptian daily life, mythology, timekeeping, geography, architecture, governance, business, writing, and rituals of death.The material is clearly and simply written so that the site would be useful for primary school students, but it is informative and substantial enough to be of interest to college students and curious adults as well. Thoroughly hyperlinked and replete with images that can be enlarged for detailed perusal, the site goes beyond the typical teaser Websites so often posted by lesser museums". (ScoutReport)
  • The Ancient City of Athens is a photographic archive of the archaeological and architectural remains of ancient Athens (Greece). Kevin T. Glowacki and Nancy L. Klein, Department of Classical Studies an der Indiana University, Bloomington, USA
  • Archäologie Linksammlung der Bibliothek der Univ. Konstanz
  • Archäologie Online
  • BibArch -  The Premier Biblical Archaeology Web Site
  • Diotima: Art Collections Materials for the Study of Woman and Gender in the Ancient World
  • Maecenas: Images of Ancient Greece and Rome 1100 Photographs by Leo C. Curran