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Access Bochum University Library’s electronic resources


You are able to access Bochum University Library’s electronic resources (databases, electronic journals), if your computer has an IP address, which belongs to the IP address area of the Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum (RUB) - IP address area of the RUB: 134.147.*.*. This is automatically the case if your computer is directly linked to the campus network.

Computers, which are located outside the campus network,  only then have access, if you dial into the internet via the campus data  network of the RUB and in doing so are allocated an IP address of the RUB. For this you need an access entitlement (RUB network user identification and password) from the Computer Centre.

With the use of this access entitlement the following dial-in options are possible:

VPN access using any Internet provider

(Caution: only limited access to electronic resources of the University  Library)

In addition to the above-named special provider accesses (dfn@home and uni@home) you can also gain access to the local services in the campus data network via any provider by configuring a VPN connection.

A VPN connection offers the applicant a safe, because encrypted, data circuit to the university. In addition his computer is considered as belonging to the university network, because through the applied „tunnel-technique“ he receives an IP address belonging to the university. The VPN tunnel is at present operated, in order to use services, which are normally only utilisable within the university or via the direct ISDN dial-in (uni@home) or the DFN@home access ( see above). However the VPN access at present only enables the use of services of the University of Bochum, which are resident within the university, i.e. are provided on the servers of the university.

At the moment therefore you can only use the electronic resources of the RUB, which lie directly on the local university servers. These are only the local CD-ROM databases of the university library. Access to other electronic resources (e.g. resources from the Digital Library or the electronic journals) are at present via the configuration of a VPN tunnel not yet possible. However the Computer Centre is planning an expansion of the VPN access, which will enable this.

You will see how such a VPN access is set up from the Computer Centre’s page -  VPN-Verbindungen.

For further information please contact the Computer Centre’s Service Centre.

Access from Halls of Residence

For less than 13 Euros per month halls of residence in Bochum offer access via LAN (Local Area Network). Via a separte data outlet in each room, the computer is connected to the campus data network on „Ethernet-Basis“ by means of a network card. A telephone connection is not necessary for this access. The operator of the net is the „EWT gmbH“. The costs of the infrastructure (!) are part of the rent collected by the „Akademischer Foerderungswerk“ (Student Services Bochum).

Students and employees of the university/FH (University of Applied Sciences) and other authorised persons, who possess an access authorisation from the Computer Centre at the RUB, can in this way be „switched“ from the campus data network into the internet (Catchword: lock and key). No charge will be made for this. For details see:

For further information please contact the Computer Centre’s Service Centre.