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Rules for the submission of deposit copies in electronic form

Conditions for the acceptance in electronic form
Rules for the form of the material
Additional offer for authors
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According to the resolution of 30.10.1997 the Minister of Education Conference added the possibility of the digital publication of dissertations to its previous "Policies for the Publication of Dissertations".

The Ministry of Schools and Further Education, Economy and Research of the state of NRW has requested the quick adaptation of the doctorate regulations.

The form of the electronic publication of dissertations is still not mentioned in many examination regulations. However, on the basis of the resolution of the Minister of Education Conference and with the agreement of the Ministry, an electronic version in the form of a CD ROM can already be submitted before the amendment of the presently valid doctorate regulations.


Conditions for the acceptance in electronic form:

Electronic publication is permitted by the doctorate regulations of your faculty.
Please clarify in advance the number of CD-ROM’s to be submitted and if applicable also of the printed version.

A typed or printed statement (German; English) must be submitted with the thesis.
Contents (Abstract)
In order to facilitate a subject search in the Dissertation Database of the University Library, a short statement of contents (Abstract) should be included with the thesis in German (other languages possible in addition) in the data format .doc or .txt, with the maximum length of 1000 characters including blanks.
In order that the specified size not be exceeded we urgently request you to either use the counting function integrated in Microsoft Word or to manually count the characters. Here only the text is to be counted, thus without title or author.
The summary, which forms part of the thesis, will be extracted by us and made available on the index page, which the University Library compiles for each thesis.
Subject headings
For further subject indexing we request you to name at least 5 german subject headings. These specifications are required for the registration of dissertations at the "Deutsche Nationalbibliothek" (DNB). The DNB does not accept subject headings, which appear in the identical letter sequence to the title of the work, therefore we reqest you to revert to broader terms and if necessary synonyms of words contained in the title. Help in allocating subject headings [German only]
Data formats
Please only use the prescribed data formats [German only].
The submission of the dissertation or thesis must take place in the Exchange and Thesis Department (member of staff responsible: Mrs N. Ihme), where the certificates necessary for the receipt of the doctorate documents are also issued. Next, the checking of the submission formalities takes place here and within this framework, the examination of the CD data format, as well as the technical correctness is initiated. This is carried out by Mrs S. van Beek. A corresponding note must be made on the statement of the graduate to confirm that the technical check has taken place.
If the dissertation contains Personal details (e.g. C.V.), this also is stored and made available for public use in data networks. Therefore, we recommend to limit these informations to the absolutely necessary.


Rules for the form of the material

Submission on CD ROM:

CD ROMs must be in a commercial cover made of hard plastic.
Inserted sheet
The hard plastic cover must contain a piece of paper in the form of the cover with author and title details, as well as a note of the faculty , the name of the examiner and the date of the oral exam.
On the CD ROM itself, the name, title of the work, the date of the oral exam as well as the faculty must be printed on the top with a suitable special pen. If required, the above-mentioned notes may be written on a commercial label.
The inner plastic ring of the CD ROM must remain free; this is where the library archiving criteria are affixed.

Additional offer for authors:

In case you would like to give the reader of your dissertation the opportunity to contact you, we will gladly publish your e-mail address and/or the URL of your home page.
Should you have already published parts of your dissertation elsewhere, you can, where appropriate, quote the source.
For this purpose we need a complete bibliographical reference (journal title, (unabridged), year, volume, issue, pages, article title, author or title of the book, author, place of publication, publisher, year of publication.
If you would like to make use of this possibility, we request you to bring the completed form E-publication permission [German only] with you when you submit your dissertation.
It is also possible to send the form at a later date; please note however, that due to data protection regulations your handwritten signature is absolutetely necessary, so that unfortunately we cannot consider forms which are sent by e-mail.

Viewer and unpack-software to be found online.