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Virtuelle Bibliotheken, Linksammlungen

  • ViFaPhys
    Virtuelle Fachbibibliothek Physik. Kommentierte Sammlung ausgewählter und von Experten evaluierter Informationsquellen für Physiker. Erstellt unter Mitwirkung des Arbeitskreises Information der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft.
  • EEVL - Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library
    EEVL is an award-winning free service, which provides quick and reliable access to the best engineering, mathematics, and computing information available on the Internet. It is created and run by a team of information specialists from a number of universities and institutions in the UK for students, staff and researchers in higher and further education, as well as anyone else working, studying or looking for information in Engineering, Mathematics and Computing. More about EEVL...
  • Energysearch
    is the premier Internet search engine for the Energy Industry, providing Internet users with fast, accurate search results on global energy topics. EPRI, established in 1973 and headquartered in Palo Alto, California, manages science and technology R&D for the electricity industry.
  • Exploring Planets in the Classroom
    Subtitled Hands-on Science Activities, this site presents more than 25 hands-on science activities with "classroom-ready pages for both teachers and students for exploring Earth, the planets, geology, and space sciences." Related annotated links are also included.
  • Internet-Services for Physics / Universität Oldenburg
    Diese umfangreiche Linksammlung bietet u.a. Zugang zu folgenden fachlichen Suchdiensten für die Physik:
    PhysNet - Physics department and documents worldwide
    PhysDoc - für die Suche nach Dokumenten von Europäischen Physikeinrichtungen
    PhysDep - eine Linkliste zu Physikeinrichtungen (weltweit)
    Physics related journals
  • Max-Planck-Institut für Radioastronomie, Bonn:
    Millimeter & Submillimeter Astronomy
    Radio Continuum Research
    Very Long Baseline Interferometry
  • NASA Astrophysics Data System
  • PhysLink: Physics & Astronomy
    This searchable source for information on physics and astronomy includes material created especially for this site and many links to other online resources. There are sections on reference, ask the experts, software, astronomy, history, new theories, graduate school information, images, YS (young scientists) awards, editorials, and essays. Also included are fun physics; a virtual scientific calculator; a bookstore; links to newsletters, scientific societies, employment resources; and more.